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CPM House System

What is a House System?

College Place Middle School uses a House System, based on the Ron Clark Academy House System. Each student and all staff members are sorted into one of our five Houses. These houses are Orange Kraken, Yellow Griffin, Green Dragon, Blue Pegasus, and Purple Phoenix.

The colors chosen represent each of the high schools in the Edmonds School District that College Place Middle School can represent. The mythical creatures category was voted on by students in the 2021-2022 school year. Each house has their own banner, pride, and class affiliation (each homeroom Cougar Achievement class is made up of students in the same house, with a teacher from the same house!).

Students can earn points by having stellar attendance and being on time to every class, high GPAs, reading library books, picking up trash or helping Ms. Natalie (our head custodian), and earning CharacterStrong tickets (exemplifying our focused character traits month to month). Students also participate in schoolwide events, assemblies, and celebrations with their houses. 

Mission and Vision

Through our house system, we will instill a sense of belonging, pride and personal growth in every student. We will create a positive, inclusive school community and culture that fosters internal motivation by building relationships, character, excitement, and school spirit. 

Meet our Houses!

House Cup Winners