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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are middle school counselors?

Middle school counselors are professional educators who bring a mental health perspective and understand how to respond to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population. Middle school counselors do not work in isolation, but play an integral part of the total educational program by collaborating with parents, teachers, administrators, and agencies within the community. They provide proactive leadership in the delivery of school programs and services to help students achieve success in school. “Adapted from ASCA”

What does a middle school counselor do?
- Help students with any problems they might have! For example: friendship problems, issues at home, problems with a teacher, feelings of sadness, anger or stress, mental health needs like depression or anxiety, issues at school like harassment, intimidation or bullying.
- Connect students with mental health counseling who need more support. 
- Help students create academic plans to be more successful at school.
- Help with student schedules to make sure you are in the right classes.
- Help students explore college and career options for after school using the Naviance program. 

How do I make an appointment to see my counselor? You could email your counselor requesting an appointment, make an appointment during passing time or lunch on the sign up sheet outside your counselor’s door or ask your teacher to see your counselor if it’s an emergency or crisis.
How can a parent/guardian reach their student’s counselor?
We are happy to hear from you! Please either e-mail us or call us. If we are not there to answer your call, please leave a voicemail detailing your questions and/or needs. If you’d like to meet in person, please call our counseling secretary/registrar to make an appointment.
What do we do? Our goals…

Middle school counselors promote student success and life-long learning through individual guidance counseling, small groups, and classroom lessons to develop:

· Respect of self and others

· Effective communication skills

· Healthy relationships

· Emotion management skills

· Problem solving skills

· Decision making skills

· Conflict resolution skills

· Positive attitudes and behaviors toward learning

· Academic success

· College and Career readiness

· Prevention and intervention of harassment, intimidation, and bullying

Middle school counselors support parents and guardians in order to:

· Understand their children’s behavior

· Develop strategies for positive family interactions

· Connect families with community resources and make referrals during times of crisis or change.

· Assist with communication between home and school

Middle school counselors support school staff to:

· Better understand students and their behavior

· Develop appropriate interventions to meet individual student needs

· Create a positive and safe school climate

· Obtain and share relevant information related to mental health topics

· Coordinate with other school specialists

· Promote the academic success of all students