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Google Drive for Parents

How To View Your Student’s Files on Google Drive


You will require a personal Google account, and access to Google Drive on a device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


  1. Have your student access their Google Drive on their Chromebook. There should be 12 folders, which correspond to their six classes in each semester (and possibly one extra labeled “Classroom”):


  1. Highlight all the folders.  To do this, click on the first folder, hold the “Shift” key, and click on the last folder.  They should become highlighted in blue:
  1. Click the sharing button: button
  2. When the sharing window appears, add your email address to the “Invite people” box at the bottom, and select “Can view” from the drop-down menu.  Then click “Send”:


  1. On your own device, sign into your own Google Drive (, and click on the “Shared With Me” button.  You should see the subject folders:


  1. Click on each folder and select the “Add to My Drive” option:


  1. You can now see these folders in your Google Drive, and open them to view your student’s work.


  1. If you open these documents while your student is working, you can see them update in real time (just like looking over their shoulder).  You will also be able to see any comments or feedback that teachers have left on previous work.