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Every middle School student in Edmonds School District will be issued a laptop each school year. This laptop will be used in classes throughout the day and taken home to use for extended learning. This 1:1 model will allow our teaching staff to use technology and online resources in powerful new ways within classroom instruction, and will further support collaboration between students. As with the start of any new project there are many questions, and I will address a few of these below.

Below are some questions, and answers, that you may have:

What does a 1:1 Chromebook mean for Students?

Early in the school year, all students will be assigned a CTL Chromebook. These machines will have district-issued and managed Google Apps for Education accounts - which students in Edmonds are already using this year. These accounts give them access to software applications for wordprocessing, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and email communication.

Their data is stored in Google Drive and is accessible from a variety of devices with Internet connection, and due to the nature of the Google Apps for Education accounts is highly secure.

What happens if my child damages the Chromebook or it is stolen?

The District is offering affordable insurance to help in the case of theft or accidental damage. Details of this program will be shared at the informational meeting. The cost of insurance is $25/year (or $10/year if on free/reduced lunch).

The staff of College Place Middle feel incredibly fortunate to belong to a community that values education and recognizes the critical role technology plays in providing a first-class education, and look forward to utilizing this resource to have an additional positive impact on learning for our students.